But I was thinking of it as some sort of challenge (wanted to know how stuff works and so on) Your Winsxs folder is a whole lot smaller To do this, open a Command Prompt window as Administrator.

Check the box next to "Windows Update Cleanup." 4. But in reality it doesn’t actually consume as much disk space as it appears when using the built-in tools (DIR and Explorer) to measure disk space used. Why Is My Computer Waking Up Prematurely? RELATED ARTICLE6 Ways to Free Up Hard Drive Space Used by Windows System Files To clean up such update files, open the Disk Cleanup wizard (tap the Windows key, type "disk

Your Winsxs folder is a whole lot smaller than mine; mine's 14.8 GB. Use the following command to see the features available to you: DISM.exe /Online /English /Get-Features /Format:Table You'll see a table of feature names and their states. Thank you Hello McFly Says: September 16th, 2016 at 1:26 pm Melanie, you STILL haven't fixed what you published. The only way to safely reduce the size of the WinSxS folder is to reduce the set of possible actions that the system can take – the easiest way to do